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Fun @ FreshersIndia

Liquid CPU

The biggest problem with people designing computer processors ( like Intel ) is that of overheating. P4 computers, when run to their extremes, require extra fans in the cabinets to keep them cool enough.

This is not our original idea, we just did it for fun.

What is this?

We have taken a regular CPU of a computer and submerged all components in Oil, the Processor, RAM, Motherboard, SMPS etc.
YES, this works without any problems!

Why did we make this?

Everybody knows that oil is used as a cooling medium for several devices, including the big transformers we see on roadsides. It cools much better than air. It is not a new idea to submerge a computer in Oil, it has been done before. However, we wanted to make an advanced version which would work perfectly fine, would boost the speed of the computer and look great too. Also, the excitement to develop something so unique was itself a great motivation.

What are the advantages of this?

1. Great Cooling. The pars of the computer remain very, very cool.

2. Dust protection. All parts remain very clean like they were just new.

3. Speed Increase. Since the system remains very cool, you can overclock the
Processor without any fear of overheating. Hence, you can speedup the computer by 25%

4. Looks cool too.


1. Oil is costly

2. The system becomes heavier and therefore mobility is decreased.

Where can I see this?

You can come and see this in our Kolkata office at this address :-
FreshersIndia, 696B, Block A, Laketown, Kolkata – 89.

Directions : Reach Punjab National Bank Training Center near Mansabari in Laketown on the main road. Walk straight inside the road (20 seconds) completely opposite the Bank and turn left.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Will the Fans not get overloaded and break down? No, on the contrary, they run even better. No dust issues are there, the fan runs slower but it cools great.

2. Won’t something blow up? No, we’ve had this running for a week continuously without any issues. The capacitors themselves have oil inside them, so they work perfectly well. Oil being a bad conductor does not cause any electrical leakages. All components are running fine, and they look cleaner than ever before.

3. Does the oil evaporate?
No. As long as the aquarium doesn’t develop a leak, it’s gonna stay.

Too many vacancies, too little time

I am going crazy. All companies want to  conduct interviews at the same time.

We are conducting an offcampus for SaltLake Infosolutions  on Thursday – 21st May.

Tomorrow ( Wed-20th) , will be sending PHP students to DSG Informatics.  Friday – 22nd, we’ll be sending PHP students to TrioWebsolutions.

Crony Infotech wants to conduct an interview of our PHP students this week, but no dates are free. Probably we’ll send the students to one company in the morning and another in the second half.

I don’t wan’t any company to get angry. God help.

These are my students who help made FreshersIndia no.1 in PHP. I thank them all. They are all  happily working in the best software companies like IBM, Infosys and others are project managers in the best PHP Companies.