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I would like to invite enterprising freshers to present their business ideas to me. If you want to start a website, or a new business, maybe I can help. We have quite some resources, office space, manpower and capital.

Here is the deal: Our core business is training, placements and web development. Our development wing, IPEG Solutions has been doing all kinds of web related projects for several years, and we are now keen to start developing mobile applications.  If you have any such idea to start a technology related company, but you do not know how to start,  we would be glad to  help. All we need is that you should be dedicated and willing to work 16 hours a day for it. I mean that, If it’s 15 hrs, thanks, but we’re not interested!

Thank you for your blessings! Education is what differentiates one person from another, so please bestow more and more on us.


There’s a lot of difference between an IT professional and other professionals  .

In the field of IT, we people have to continuously keep learning new technologies. If we don’t we’ll become obsolete and lose our jobs. So while it is very important for a businessman to seek the blessings of Goddess Laxmi, we programmers need you, Maa Saraswati. Please bless us.

If you want the blessings of Godess Saraswati too, please post a comment!

We at FreshersIndia have our eyes set on Python and are following its progress very closely.

Why? you may ask.

Our job is to give jobs to freshers. To ensure the best placements, we train freshers in the latest upcoming technologies which are showing good growth.

Growth creates opportunities for new people to join. In software companies, retirement has not yet started, so if a company having 1000 employees does not grow, it will not take freshers (because no one is retiring). However, if some new technology comes up, and the starting salaries are low in that technology, experienced people will not learn it ( because of low salaries). The company will therefore have to take freshers who have done trainings in that technology ( Small companies don’t have their own training facilitites).

This is why we started PHP training in 2004, when few people had heard of it. It helped our freshers get great job offers because demand was there but no supply. Today, PHP has matured and hundreds of institutes are there with us being ranked #1.

I see the same hapening for Python in a couple of years. Python is open source and the projects are small – so we will see small web development companies taking up Python projects. Small companies are happy taking freshers with a training and their salaries don’t attract experienced programmers, so this will be one area where we can easily place Freshers.


Take a look at this graph showing the growth of Pthon in the last 5 years.  Ruby is close as well.

So when the first vacancies in Python / Ruby opens up in companies of West Bengal,  we will be the first to place our freshers there!

Our New office in Salt Lake coming up

This post comes after a long break. I’ve been very busy last few days. Juggling clients, projects and interviews for freshers and looking for the perfect office in SaltLake.

After visiting each and every corner of salt lake, I decided on one. The address is AJ-118, Salt Lake.

Here are the reasons I chose this office:

1. It is 3 minutes from sector V – the place all freshers want to be.

2. It is 2 minutes from Karunamoyee ( 10 minutes if you walk ).

3. Buses like C8 coming from south kolkata ( tollygunge ) come directly to the office. The bus stand of the Bus 206 ( Saltlake – Santoshpur ) is just 50 meters from the office.

4. A footbridge that connects Salt Lake to Keshtopur is about 2 minutes walk from the office.

Finding the perfect place so that convenience of all freshers are taken care of was hard.

The next week will be spent assigning work to Carpenters, painters,electricians and plumbers.

And hey freshers, get ready for some fabulous offers as soon as our new office is ready. I plan to give 75% discount as inaugural offer!