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Should I learn .NET Or Learning Mobile Tech. (iPhone / Android / BB) ?

This is a very common question freshers ask me – Should I go for a .NET training or a training on J2ME/iPhone/Android.

Good question.

It is indeed a good question – let me explain why. Most Freshers simply assume that since .NET is pretty well established, they should learn that and never give mobile programming a consideration. Those who ask such questions are more broad minded and have longer term goals.

It is no secret that in the next five years, mobile technologies ( iPhone / Android / Blackberry etc ) will rule the future.

I will not answer this question. Instead I will pose another one :)

Learning a technology that belongs to a company is like investing in the shares of the company for long term.

.NET belongs to Microsoft – Share prices of Microsoft is about $25 . ( Click here )

iPhone belongs to Apple- Share prices of Apple is about $288 . ( Click here )

Android belongs to Google – Share prices of Google is about $516. ( Click here )

Personally, I have begun to think of Microsoft as the Titanic.