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Due to bad economic conditions, most big companies like Infosys, Wipro are not hiring freshers. Big companies like Microsoft have reported their first ever losses, and very few offcampus / campus interviews are happening.

FreshersIndia is experienced in dealing with recessions – in the last recession (2009), we were able to place hundreds of freshers in small companies.
Here is what you can do to get a job before Puja, 2012.

Technique 1:
Shoot your CV to as many companies as possible.
Most companies, at all levels, almost always have a vacancy or two. Sometimes, since the vacancy is small, they do not advertise and therefore you may not come to know about it. It is a good idea to send your CV to as many companies as possible. While 95% companies will just delete your CV, there are freshers who send their CVs to hundreds of companies and got great breaks.
Here is a small list of companies to get you started:

Technique 2:
Target Small Companies: There are more than 250 Small companies in Kolkata. They are all willing to take freshers as long as the fresher knows the technology on which they work on pretty well. These companies mostly work on Advanced PHP technologies like Joomla, Smarty, WordPress, Drupal, OSCommerce etc. If you learn any of these well enough, you are sure to get a job. These companies do not look for good marks or good english. They just want readymade people who can start to work immediately without any training required.

Technique 3:
Learn a new technology: The easiest way to get a job in software is to learn the very latest technology. Android Developers, iOS Developers, HTML5, JQuery Mobile – there are several such technologies that are having huge growth in recent times and as a result it is impossible for companies to find good resources here. If you can take the extra pain on learning any of these, you can sure get a job immediately.

Technique 4:
Do a course. There are several good training institutes in Kolkata. Just make sure you have these three things before you join any institute:

  • References from reliable sources: If none of your friends have ever gone to the institute, you should NOT, too. GO only to institutes whose names are recommended by people you know.
  • Written Guarantees BEFORE you make the payments: Most institutes will guarantee you a placement. Make sure you have a written, signed copy of the guarantee before you join it.
  • A TRY before you Pay option : All software which you can buy can be tried before you make the payment. Then why should a software institute not have the same option? Any genuine institute will let you do the classes for a few days before you make the payment. At FreshersIndia institute, you can do classes for 12 days and test the trainers quality Before you make the payments.
  • Many institutes spend on decorating their office instead of providing quality training. Be smart! Be Careful! Insist on references, written Guarantees and terms and conditions.
  • Many Institutes offer a Guarantee, but there is a catch. You have to pass all their tests they will take after giving you the guarantee. Of course, they will just have a very tough test and force you to fail!

FreshersIndia is the only institute which will safeguard your interest. All five above.