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India is changing – what about you?

* India is changing – what about you?

There was a time, not too long ago, when companies paid software developers
just enough to keep them from quitting and the developers worked just enough
to keep from getting fired.

Times have changed. India is Changing. Our programmers are now learning the best work cultures from every corner of the world and bringing it back to India.

Programmers have become more ambitious, more goal oriented.
They are working harder now. Learning new technologies faster now.
They are not afraid to complain if they bosses try to fleece them.

The best Professionals are now looking towards small and medium sized
companies as it offers them a better chance to grow. If the company
they work for has a poor management and poor growth plans, the professionals
are quitting.

The bosses have improved. They now put forward the welfare of their employees
and their customers over temporary profits. They are turning into leaders rather
than managers. They set examples now instead of the usual stick & carrots.

If your company is facing the attrition problem, if good people keep leaving you,
then know this – It is time to change now. Otherwise, you will soon perish.

If you, as an employee, are not going the extra mile regularly, not having the habit of giving more than you get paid for, then know this – It is time to change now. A new generation of Programmers is coming up – kids who were born with laptops and learnt Java alongside History. When this new age programmers enter the market, the company will be the first to ‘End your contract’. Unless, you change of course.

In my own experience, I have learn two things. What employees will do for a company is very very less from what they are capable of. Also, what bosses can do to make their company reach new heights is much much more than what they do. And the reason for both doing what they do is not that they are in the wrong places, it is just that neither is aware of what they are capable of.

Discover yourself. Find your potentials. 90% of people can exponentially increase their income by just adding one more skill to their current skillset. 90% people are just one skill short of success.

Each and every one of us, including you, as you read this blog post, has infinite, infinite powers among us. We just fail to see it.

If you are on the internet, you already have everything you need to succeed. Your age does not matter – the fact that you are alive itself is the biggest gift you have. You know, a hundred years ago, billions of people died – and none of them wanted to. There are millionaires who are now dead, and they would give everything they had just to get 1 year of life. Time, life, is the costliest thing.
They minutes you spent reading this – you cannot buy them back, now for a trillion dollars. There are trillions of souls who died in the millions of years that have passed. About 20,000 days from now, most of us will be dead too.

If you are on the Internet, you know English. You have a computer, you are educated better than Dhirubhai Ambani. All that Ambani had in his first office was a Table, three chairs and one Phone. You have much more – just one thing is missing – Belief.

The Founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders, did not have high school education. His stepfather beat him out of his house when he was 12 years old. At the age of 65, he was a financial failure and got a check of $105 as social security. He decided – Enough. No more. He went on to a 1000+ restaurants to convince them to sell his chicken recipe. The rest is history. If he started at 65 – how old are you?

As you sit reading this, there are people in Kolkata itself who are spending more in a day than you make in a month. What is the difference between them and you? Did God make you with a smaller brain? I guess no. A smaller heart? Surely, No. The only difference between them and you is the software – your beliefs about how much you are worth and how much you can do. All you need to do is to do a format of your brain, and install the same beliefs that Ambani, Bill and Tatas share.

My journey started about 8-9 months back, when I discovered happiness. I was into business for 8 years , having seen some good times and some bad ones. I was at a personal low in my life, when I found happiness. Not through my own techniques, but through those I learned from reading several books by the greatest people. Since then, my career has simply taken off.

If you reached the end of this message, know this – 90% people who start never finish reading this. The fact that you did means you have everything and you are also perhaps just one skill short. Maybe that skill is knowing how to be happy, maybe that is managing finances, maybe that is public speaking, maybe ….

I invite you to find your goal and your happiness – at one of our Free seminars / workshops at our Kolkata office. I am just an ordinary teacher with extraordinary dreams.

* Why you should become an Entrepreneur

How many Push ups can you do?
10? 20? 50?

If I put a gun on your head, how many?
Here is what you would do – First, you’d do 20 pushups. Then, you would rest for a minute. Again, you would do another ten. You wait for another minute. Then, again another ten. And this goes on.
This is how entrepreneurs work.

Once you become an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. You keep the gun on your own head. You make big commitments to yourself, and the people around you. You keep making the wrong decisions, then realize that to prove to the world that you did not make a mistake, you stretch yourself.
You work hard to make sure that the commitments you made publicly do not land you in an embarrassing situation.
Like Ratan Tata said “I do not believe in making the Correct decisions, I decide, then I make it right.” Who needs motivation to work hard if most of the time you are working hard to save your own face?

Once you do this a few times, you realize that if you keep stretching yourself, keep demanding from yourself more than you can easily achieve, you become more. You feel the power inside you that you never knew existed. You realize that you can do anything – you only have to decide and believe you can do it.

What you get:
Profits become a by-product. Money, power and fame become by-products. The real fruits you enjoy are the journey itself
and the satisfaction of knowing you are growing every day – growing into something bigger and better – and that is what our soul wants – to grow.

The biggest fear people have is that if they become entrepreneurs, they will spoil their career.
I never saw an entrepreneur who failed, tried getting a job, and did worse than an average employee. Whenever a company goes down, the employees go down, the only people who never lose money are the ones who started it – they exit just before.
You can then get a job too. I have met and talked with thousands of professionals in Kolkata and seen too many such cases. There are too many examples to justify very clearly that most ex-entrepreneurs get hired directly at top positions by companies.

If you don’t try to become an entrepreneur, here is something to consider. The average salary in TCS (India’s #1 Software company) is Rs. 5,29,307. After taxes, the monthly salary is like 40k pm. An average Taxi driver in Kolkata earns about 30k pm. And he does not need to spend on branded clothes, car loans etc. To be happy, men need to grow professionally. Women may get happy by having a great family, kids, love etc. When it comes to men, I know, we need professional growth or we go right into depression. Yes, you can grow in TCS, however, do you think that all the 2.5 Lakh employees of TCS will be promoted to Directors in the next few years?

By becoming an entrepreneur, you bring competition, lower prices, increase quality, employ people, thereby, you spread happiness. Go, do it. You just have about 20,000/- days to live.


How to make more money. Tips for Salaried People.

How to make more money.

#Tips for Salaried People.

1. There are people who make Rs.5000/- in a month.
For some corporate trainings, companies pay me Rs.5000 an hour.
There are doctors who charge 5 lakh for an hours operation.
A singer named Adele charges more than 5 crore to sing for an hour.
Question: How do you explain this difference?
Answer: You don’t get paid for time, you get paid for the Value you give in return.

2. The Govt. teaches us to demand what we deserve.
This is wrong. Nobody gets rich by demanding. You get rich by becoming the best in what you do, showing results and giving an outstanding performance.
If you get Rs.5000 a month, and you form a group, demand, sit on strike, you can’t make Rs.50,000. You can demand only small increase, you cannot multiply. To multiply your income, start performing better than anybody else.

Spend more effort in Improving your Value than the effort you spend in your Job to make money.

3. Make it a habit to always give much more than what is expected from you.
If you want to keep stepping up the corporate ladder, keep getting promotions, here is the most important tip – In whatever you do, whenever you do, put in more effort than is expected, show better results than is expected. Work harder and do it in a pleasing state of mind, do it smiling and love what you do. This will make you unstoppable.

4. Whenever you get a job offer, you ask – What will I get?
Focus on what you are becoming, not what you are getting. The only way to earn may times is to increase your own value. If the current job is paying good, but your value is not increasing, it is a bad investment.

5. Bad times will Always come, and so will good times.
It is morning now, and soon it will be night. You cannot stop it, at least on this earth. It is summer now and winter will come. Undoubtably. If you are happy now, bad times will come. If you are sad now, good times will also definitly come. This is life and you cannot change it, this has been so ever since man was born.
What you can and need to change is yourself. Here is what to do in good times – Keep thinking about bad times when you are in good times, save money for the bad times, work harder for the bad times, because for sure, they will come.
When in bad times, just keep thinking of the good times and prepare to make the most of it as soon as it comes.

6. Get yourself into action.
You have to make your powerful mind to obey your commands. Make everything important “A Must Do NOW”, instead of a “I should do this soon”.