Why you should become an Entrepreneur

* Why you should become an Entrepreneur

How many Push ups can you do?
10? 20? 50?

If I put a gun on your head, how many?
Here is what you would do – First, you’d do 20 pushups. Then, you would rest for a minute. Again, you would do another ten. You wait for another minute. Then, again another ten. And this goes on.
This is how entrepreneurs work.

Once you become an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. You keep the gun on your own head. You make big commitments to yourself, and the people around you. You keep making the wrong decisions, then realize that to prove to the world that you did not make a mistake, you stretch yourself.
You work hard to make sure that the commitments you made publicly do not land you in an embarrassing situation.
Like Ratan Tata said “I do not believe in making the Correct decisions, I decide, then I make it right.” Who needs motivation to work hard if most of the time you are working hard to save your own face?

Once you do this a few times, you realize that if you keep stretching yourself, keep demanding from yourself more than you can easily achieve, you become more. You feel the power inside you that you never knew existed. You realize that you can do anything – you only have to decide and believe you can do it.

What you get:
Profits become a by-product. Money, power and fame become by-products. The real fruits you enjoy are the journey itself
and the satisfaction of knowing you are growing every day – growing into something bigger and better – and that is what our soul wants – to grow.

The biggest fear people have is that if they become entrepreneurs, they will spoil their career.
I never saw an entrepreneur who failed, tried getting a job, and did worse than an average employee. Whenever a company goes down, the employees go down, the only people who never lose money are the ones who started it – they exit just before.
You can then get a job too. I have met and talked with thousands of professionals in Kolkata and seen too many such cases. There are too many examples to justify very clearly that most ex-entrepreneurs get hired directly at top positions by companies.

If you don’t try to become an entrepreneur, here is something to consider. The average salary in TCS (India’s #1 Software company) is Rs. 5,29,307. After taxes, the monthly salary is like 40k pm. An average Taxi driver in Kolkata earns about 30k pm. And he does not need to spend on branded clothes, car loans etc. To be happy, men need to grow professionally. Women may get happy by having a great family, kids, love etc. When it comes to men, I know, we need professional growth or we go right into depression. Yes, you can grow in TCS, however, do you think that all the 2.5 Lakh employees of TCS will be promoted to Directors in the next few years?

By becoming an entrepreneur, you bring competition, lower prices, increase quality, employ people, thereby, you spread happiness. Go, do it. You just have about 20,000/- days to live.


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