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Welcome. IPEG Solutions (FreshersIndia) is Hiring for WFH/Part Time options.

Join our open-source HEROS Initiative. Get Experience Certificates, Learn and Earn from home.

Join our HEROS Program to become one of the real life HEROES of software!

Our HEROS (High End Reliable open-source) Developers program helps you get ethical & legal job experience certificates while you are getting work on and Learn technologies like Data Science, AI & ML, IoT, Mobile App Development, Full Stack Development etc. You can also earn high income, like a lakh per month from our ERPI Program - Read carefully and watch the Videos below to join.

Join the HEROS Developers Team - Work with people from all over India.

The Problem we solve:
  • Freshers don't get a job without experience and cant get experience without job - A Huge problem. Even Good & Sincere Freshers are not spared.
  • Experienced people often don't get the opportunity to work on upcoming technologies and thereby get outdated in a few years. Companies replace them by Freshers who are paid half the salaries instead of training existing employees.
  • If you are working in an underpaying job, or a place where your education is not utilised, like a Call center, as a teacher etc and want to get back into software development, nobody interviews you without coding experience.
  • Sometimes, people resort to buying Fake Experience certificates from Fraud companies, but this is illegal and expensive and certainly bad in the long run.

We solve all the problems above and much more

IPEG Solutions (FreshersIndia) is inviting freshers/developers for our open-source Projects from all over India. Under the HEROS plan, you can Learn from Home, you can start Earning immediately, can get work experience certificates and possibly land a full-time job. You can do this part-time, while you are preparing for exams / Govt Jobs / doing other jobs etc.

Benefits of Our Process & Certificates:
  • Exactly what you need: You are taught topics by Industry experts and also trained on live high-quality projects. Once the training is completed, you are given projects to do, which help you gain experience and income too. Learn, Earn and Gain experience in the latest technologies - exactly what a Fresher needs to build a great future.
  • Legal and Verifiable: All your open-source projects are uploaded to our servers where any HR can verify for authenticity. All codes have your credentials and are in the public domain. HR Managers Love those who work on open-source as it shows they are sincere and different, plus this is 100% Legal. This is Ethically the right thing to do as a programmer and your confidence rises.
  • Highest Quality & Latest too: Instead of working on boring Copy Paste projects, you work on high Quality Latest Technology software products - no old and dying technologies.
  • Learning: You are not alone anymore, you will become part of a cooperative and caring community which shares knowledge, network and gives references to companies. Wise people say, if Ten people share an Apple, each gets only one apple, but if ten people share an Idea, each has Ten Ideas. Imagine how good a programmer you will become if you could share ideas with members from all over India.
  • Personal Development: When you join us, you ONLY work in teams and therefore learn how to give presentations, collaborate etc. With people from all over India, this has a huge impact on your skills & personality.
  • Jobs / Income: We will be providing Freelance work as well as Job offers so you can start earning while you learn. Using our referral program, you can start earning even Rs. 1 Lakh a month immediately.
  • Better than any course: Not only you can earn money and get Experience certificates, the training we give you is of much better quality and much lesser price than other major institutes.

Summary of the Plan:
  • First, you will join an online 1 week Induction training and meet the team, understand the system etc.
  • If you do not have professional skills and want to get training, we will provide the same at very low costs (About one-tenth price).
  • The training cost will be between ₹ 5-10k, and it is optional, only if you need it.
  • Then, you will be assigned projects to learn from and practice on.
  • You will get valid experience certificates for working on our open-source projects.
  • Good performers will be promoted, may be offered stipend/salaries etc.
  • Work with us part-time from home & Earn in $, £, €, ₹ and more.
  • With our ERPI program, you can start earning instantly, earn as much as you can.
  • Learn the Secrets of Software (SOS), a special course which has helped average performers become successful professional software developers.

Details of the Plan:

  • Step 1: Join our 1 week online Induction training. You will be introduced to the system, everything will be explained in details and we will also find which technologies will suit YOU the most. You will be able to understand the pros and cons of different technologies and have a customized step by step plan for your career ready. We really want to keep the Induction training free, but it results in too many people joining as well as many non serious people, so we have a small Processing Fee of Rs. 2000 Rs. 990 only to join.

  • Step 2: After you pay the Processing Fee, we will start the Induction training on Tuesday, 1st September 2022. The training will be given five days a week, from Monday to Friday in different time slots. Everyday we will have 1.5 Hours sessions, one batch in the morning (10:30am), and another in day (3:00pm) and another in night(9:00pm). You can join any one of the three batches, Morning (10:30am), Day(3:00pm) or night (9:00pm).

  • Step 3: After Induction Training is completed, You will be given offer Letters by us if you are ready to start working or given a customized crash course to learn those technologies you want to professionally work on.

  • Step 4: Once you are ready, we will send you the Appointment Letter for the position of Consultant open-source Software Developer. Your experience will start from day 1, so no more worries of a career gap. Based on your work, you may start getting salary/stipends as well.

  • Step 5: You will then be assigned different open-source projects for learning and working. It is expected that you spend at least 1 hour everyday on the same. You will get access to our Online Project Management Portal from where you will get help, guidance and instructions.

  • Step 6: You will be given periodic online training and networked with our other members nationally so you can learn, share and work together. If you quit any day, or get a good job offer, Your work experience certificate will be given to you.

  • Step 7: While open-source projects are unpaid, you may be selected for client projects for which we will pay you as Freelancers. If your performance is Good, you may be hired full time with a salary and or promoted to team leader etc.

Join the Induction training starting Tuesday, 1st September 2022 using the Blue button below NOW!
Only 3 Seats available at a discounted price. Price double after that.

Pay Rs. 2000 Rs. 990 if you register now. (Discount is for Today only, only 6 Seats left).

Notice: Did you know, an audit showed 30% candidates had some fake experience in their CVs. This is not only illegal, you can spoil your confidence and performance too. Our HEROS program is a 100 times better, legal and ethical than getting a Fake Experience Certificate.

Recent Success Stories

    Here are some of our members from the last batch. In months, their lives changed. In another few years, they will rise to much higher levels of success!

Freshers Reviews

See the reviews below of what Freshers are saying. Hundreds of video testimonials are available in the end too.

Who is this good for:

In India, there are no good companies which do open-source work. We are one of the first companies to provide a platform like this. All your code will be protected by open-source Licenses and you can show your work experience in any company.

Join the Induction training starting Tuesday, 1st September 2022 using the Blue button below NOW!
Only 3 Seats available at a discounted price. Price double after that.

Pay Rs. 2000 Rs. 990 if you register now. (Discount is for Today only, only 6 Seats left).

Who should join?

If you are unemployed and worried that the Gap of experience will hamper your future job opportunities. If you work on our projects, we will give you experience certificates which will help you in getting good jobs in the future.

If you are currently studying for Govt sector exams, or working in a non technical job. If you want to keep in touch with programming and have a valid experience certificate too.

If you are currently working in any company, you can use this opportunity to learn new technologies in a professional manner. If you are a person who is working in a Call Center for the money, but want to gain experience as a programmer at the same time, this is a great opportunity.

If you are a college student currently studying, but want to work on real Live projects.

If you are working in a software company, but have a passion to create great programs and contribute to the society.

How will this work?

After you have registered, we will provide you an online training, depending on your present skill and the project demands. You will be taught how to use our online system and provided a login username/password.

You can login from home and download the source code of the projects you want to work on. You will also be able to see the list of bugs/pending improvements. You can then write the code at your convenience and upload it back to the server. A Project manager will guide you through the process.

Your work will be periodically audited and new work will be mailed to you. You will be provided experience certificates for the work you do.

If you work on our paid projects or join the ERPI program, you can earn good money and a salary / stipend as well.

Which Projects are available?

IPEG Solutions works on the latest Technologies only. Our expertise includes the complete Web stack, mobile stack and projects are developed using Agile computing. We create software using Nodejs, Mongo DB, PHP 7, Java, Android, .NET, Python, HTML 5, Ajax etc. You can get the opportunity to work on software on:
  • MEAN Stack (Mongo,Express,Angular,Node)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web & Cloud App Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Content Management Systems
  • Internet of things
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Ecommerce & Social Networking
  • A Lot more.

Benefits Of Joining IPEG Solutions(FreshersIndia)

  • We are a 14+ year old software development and training company. FreshersIndia is our education wing.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Kolkata close to corporates like Wipro, IBM and TCS
  • We have provided software solutions to international clients from all over the world
  • In India, we have provided software and training solutions to big corporates, IITs, the Govt and Police Organizations
  • We have helped thousands of freshers & professionals become highly successful software developers

Join the Induction training starting Tuesday, 1st September 2022 using the Blue button below NOW!
Only 3 Seats available at a discounted price. Price double after that.

Pay Rs. 2000 Rs. 990 if you register now. (Discount is for Today only, only 6 Seats left).

Notice: Only 6 seats left. Register Now.

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The HEROS Platform is a completely legal, ethical and a life changing platform. Watch the video below to understand how this works and why you should join us immediately. Freshers: Watch this video VERY CAREFULLY.

Listen to these people LIKE YOU from all over India

Join the Induction training starting Tuesday, 1st September 2022 using the Blue button below NOW!
Only 3 Seats available at a discounted price. Price double after that.

Pay Rs. 2000 Rs. 990 if you register now. (Discount is for Today only, only 6 Seats left).

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