Android App Development Course

This Android training course will give you all the required knowledge to work with the Android platform and start creating professional Android Apps. We assume you are an absolute beginner, and take you to the most advanced level. You will be able to apply for all Android Jobs, as well as upload your own apps on the Play Store. Classes are taken both online and offline.

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Please note our syllabus below. Please note that while all the topics given here will be covered in full details, there are some part of our syllabus which is kept hidden and will only be revealed to those who join the course. Just like the recipe of KFC is a well protected secret, so are topics in our syllabus.

Getting started with Java
Java Variables, Arrays, Loops, Conditions, Input / Output, File Handling
Object Oriented Concepts, Threads, Error Handling etc.

Kotlin Overview & Environment Setup
Kotlin Variables, Data Types, Operators, IO,
Kotline Arrays, Loops, Conditions, Input / Output, File Handling
When, Object Oriented Concepts, Inheritence etc.

Why we Need Mobile Apps
Different Kinds of Mobile Apps
Briefly about Android

History Behind Android Development
What is Android?
Pre-requisites to learn Android

Overview of Android Stack
Android Features
Introduction to OS layers

Linux Kernel
Android Runtime
Application Framework
Dalvik VM & ART

Configuring Android Stack
Android Studio Installation
Android Studio Concepts
Effective Coding & Optimizing Studio

Creating Android Project
Debugging Application through DDMS
Setting up environment
AVD Creation
Executing Project on Android Screen

Broadcast Receivers
Content Providers

Creating your first project
The manifest file
Layout resource
Running your app on Emulator

Views, layouts and Common UI components
Creating UI through code and XML
Activity lifecycle
Communicating data among Activities

Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner )
Adapters, Custom Adapters
Complex UI components
Building UI for performance
Creating custom and compound Views

Toast, Custom Toast
Status bar Notifications

Using Java Multithreading classes
Writing an animated game

Creating and Applying simple Style
Inheriting built-in Style and User defined style
Using Styles as themes

Android Resource
Using resources in XML and code
Handling Runtime configuration changes

Role of filters
Intent-matching rules
Filters in your manifest
Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers
Creating Broadcast receiver

Understanding Broadcast action, category and data
Registering Broadcast receiver through code and through XML
Sending Broadcast

Shared Preferences
Android File System
Internal storage
External storage
SQLite - Introducing, SQLiteOpenHelper, Creating, opening and closing database, Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and delete etc.

Accessing built in content providers
Content provider MIME types
Searching for content
Adding, changing, and removing content
Creating content provider
Working with content files

Overview of services in Android
Implementing a Service
Service lifecycle
Inter Process Communication (AIDL Services)

Multimedia Supported audio formats
Simple media playback
Supported video formats
Simple video playback

Using Location Based Services
Finding current location and listening for changes in location
Proximity alerts
Working with Google Maps
Showing google map in an Activity
Map Overlays
Displaying route on map

Consuming web services
Receiving HTTP Response (XML, JSON )
Parsing JSON and XML
Using WebView

How Sensors work
Using Orientation and Accelerometer sensors
Best practices for performance

Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
Managing active connections
Managing WiFi networks

Making calls
Monitoring data connectivity and activity
Accessing phone properties and status
Controlling the phone
Sending messages

Taking pictures
Media Recorder
Rendering previews

Controlling local Bluetooth device
Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
Managing Bluetooth connections
Communicating with Bluetooth

Android Application Deployment on device with Linux and Windows
Android Application Deployment on Android Market
Note: Since Android is evolving, there will be more than a dozen more new topics taught that is not mentioned in the syllabus here.


Our actual course price is ₹ 144000.
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₹ 72000


The total duration is about 6 Months, With classes taken: 5 Days a week


You will receive our Certificate, which is internationally accepted & honored by MNCs. Live projects add to your experience as well.

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