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India's First and Most Advanced Full Stack PHP Course for Freshers. 100% Job guarantee in written in court paper. Best Teachers. Try Course before you pay.

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FreshersIndia is the BEST Safest Most Reliable choice for Freshers.

FreshersIndia, a constituent of IPEG Solutions was founded in the year 2004 and currently offers advanced short term courses on the latest software technologies including Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Full Stack, Mobile App, Design and Digital Marketing. We endeavor to provide high quality technical education in line with the requirements of today's competitive industry and fast paced technological developments at affordable prices.

Through our risk free job guaranteed programs with low fees affordable by even lower middle class Indians, we have helped thousands of Freshers become rich and successful by mastering cutting edge technologies. We have courses which have REAL job guarantees - something that NO other institute in India provides - We provide written job guarantees in court paper - Which you can verify with lawyers BEFORE you pay us. Unlike many institutes which make fake claims, and use modified stock photos to write fake feedbacks of students - check our website for hundreds of real feedback Videos.

Our Alumni today are working in companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro and many other companies throughout the world. We have seen - hundreds of times - that someone who is performing badly in programming/studies - when we give them the right training - explain the basics well and motivate them - they become good performers and eventually highly rich and successful. YOU TOO have greatness hidden inside you, NEVER forget that. You just need the right guidance and platform and you shall shine.

Some of the companies our Alumni have worked for:

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YOU deserve to be Successful. Happy. Rich.

After helping thousands and thousands of Freshers of Freshers, we have understood a few basic things - the difference between a highly successful person and an ordinary one is NOT in their body, blood, bones, heart or brain. It is their in their 'Software' - If you had someone in your childhood, a parent or a teacher who taught you the correct way to programming, you would have become a master - Just like a great singer's child easily becomes a good singer because they had the parents teaching them.

All you need is a great teacher, the right guidance and some support. And your life will change completely in a few years. Watch our many feedback videos and you will be amazed. See below of how some of our students changed their lives:
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Our founder, Nikhil Narayan, teaching at IIT Kharagpur. (Nalanda Academic Complex, IIT Kharagpur, etc.).