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Become an Web Artist

We don't just teach Web Designing, we also create the great Artists of the future. has been providing Programmers to hundreds of companies for the last ten years. Often, companies complain that they are unable to Get good designers. The problem is that while most institutes teach Photo Editing well, they do NOT teach the designers the Advanced HTML, Advanced Javascript of JQuery Programming. Their students do well in companies that require Photo Editing work only, like an Ad company, however, their students are not suitable for Software companies.

Today, Designing has becoming very advanced and a Designer is supposed to know HTML 5, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery Programming well, apart from several Photo Editing Software. This is why we started the Web Designing Course. If you want to get a job in a Software company as a Designer, our course is the best.

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Discounted price: ₹ 36000, Original price: ₹ 72000. Join by paying ₹ 2000 only and the rest in instalments.


Please note our syllabus below. Please note that while all the topics given here will be covered in full details, there are some part of our syllabus which is kept hidden and will only be revealed to those who join the course. Just like the recipe of KFC is a well protected secret, so are topics in our syllabus.

Introduction to HTML
HTML -Basic structure of an HTML document
HTML -Tags
HTML -Images
HTML -Elements
HTML -Basic Text Formatting
HTML -Grouping Using Div Span
HTML -Comments
HTML -Links
HTML -Table
HTML -Iframe
HTML -Form
HTML -Headers
HTML -Audio
HTML -Video

CSS -Introduction
CSS -Syntax
CSS -Selectors
CSS -Text
CSS -Fonts
CSS -Lists
CSS -Tables
CSS -Box Model
CSS -Display
CSS -Positioning
CSS -Floats
CSS -Borders
CSS -Backgrounds
CSS -Text Effects
CSS -2D Transforms
CSS -3D Transforms
CSS -Transitions
CSS -Animations
CSS -Multiple Columns
CSS -User Interface

History of Javascript
First Program in Javascript, Hello World
Variable Introduction
Local and Global
Basic Program Structure; Statements, Loops, etc
JS Popup Boxes
JS Events
Array Introduction
Function Introduction
Recursion Introduction
Oop Concept Introduction
Validation of Forms

Bootstrap Introduction
Bootstrap Installation
Bootstrap Grid
Bootstrap Containers
Bootstrap Typography
Bootstrap Colors
Bootstrap Tables
Bootstrap Images
Bootstrap Alert
Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap Button Groups
Bootstrap Badges
Bootstrap Dropdowns
Bootstrap Navbar
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Flex

jQuery Introduction
Install and Use jQuery Library
First jQuery Example
jQuery Syntax
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Events
jQuery Effects
jQuery HTML Manipulation
jQuery CSS Manipulation
jQuery Traversing

Introduction to Photoshop
Download & Install
Photoshop Workspace
Color Modes
Layers in PS
PS Layer Mask
Layer Effects & Styles
Shapes in Photoshop
How to Remove Background of an Image
Image Resize in Photoshop
Blending Modes in Photoshop
Photoshop Brush Tool
Photoshop Pen Tool
Photoshop Lasso Tool
Photoshop Quick Selection, Magic Wand
Crop, Slicing Tool
Healing Brush, Patch Tool
Add text to images
Add Fonts in Photoshop
Crop an Image in Photoshop
Drop Shadow in Photoshop
Undo/Redo in Photoshop
Photoshop Filters
Gradient Tool


Our actual course price is ₹ 72000.
For this month, the discount price is
₹ 36000


The total duration is about 4 Months, With classes taken: 5 Days a week


You will receive our Certificate, which is internationally accepted & honored by MNCs. Live projects add to your experience as well.

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