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Mongo Express Angular / React Node - Full Stack using JS

Move over, old school programmers - the M.E.R.N. Guys are here! MERN Stack (Full Stack) Developers get some of the highest salaries in the industry - even the average salary is Rs. 6+ Lakh Per Annum in India and $90,148 in USA.

Use cutting edge tools to build fast, robust Javascript based web applications with MongoDB, Express, Angular/React and Node (with both Angular and ReactJS). The course fee is Rs. 60,000/- (Rs.48,000/- after discount) for Personalised Online 3 Months training with projects, certification and placements.

Join our ReactJS - MEA/RN Full Stack Course at a discounted price only till June, 2024 !

Discounted price: ₹ 48000, Original price: ₹ 96000. Join by paying ₹ 2000 only and the rest in instalments.


Please note our syllabus below. Please note that while all the topics given here will be covered in full details, there are some part of our syllabus which is kept hidden and will only be revealed to those who join the course. Just like the recipe of KFC is a well protected secret, so are topics in our syllabus.

The birth of MEAN Stack
Pros and Cons
Introduction to MEAN
Components and Usage
JavaScript and ECMAScript.
Vanilla JavaScript Basics,
Variables, Scope, Conditions,
Loops, Arrays, Functions,
Objects, JSON.
Animation, Cursor control,
Media, Interactive Animated Game

ECMAScript 2015 or ES6,
Console, Strict Mode,
Global Vs Local,
Scope, Variable and Function Hoisting,
Let, immutable const,
Exponentiation operator,
Class, Objects,
Constructor, Static,
Super, Inheritance,
Functions, this keyword,
OOPs Usage.
For IN, Switch,
Parameterized functions & Default function parameters,
Rest Parameters,
Anonymous Function,
Lambda Expression,
Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs),
Generator Functions,
iterator, Object() Constructor,
Cloning an Object,
Merging Objects,
Object De-structuring,
Array De-structuring,
Maps and Sets,
WeakMaps, The instanceof operator,
Callback, AsyncCallback,
Promises, Prototype,
Call, Apply, Bind etc.

React Introduction
React Getting Started
React Render HTML
React JSX
React Components
React Class
React Props
React Events
React Conditionals
React Lists
React Forms
React Router
React Memo
React CSS Styling
React Sass Styling
React Hooks
React Fragments
React CSS
React Animation
React Bootstrap
React Map
React Table
React Code Splitting
React Context
React Hooks
React Flux Concept
React Flux Vs MVC
React Redux
React Redux Example
React Portals
React Error Boundaries
React Time-Picker
React Game

extending HTML attributes with Directives,
binding data to HTML with Expressions,
ng-directives, ng-app,
ng-model, ng-bind,
ng-init, expressions,
controllers, AngularJS Objects,
Arrays, Filters, Modules,
Custom made Directives creation and invocation,
ng-repeat, restrict, template,
Two way Binding,
User Input Validation,
status of application data (valid, dirty, touched, error),
ng CSS Classes, Animations etc.

Installation and setup,
Data Directory,
Running background service,
Client, Creating a new database,
creating a new user,
Creating a new Collection,
Inserting, Showing,
Inserting Multiple,
Pretty, Updating, Find,
Finding using ID, Removing a field,
UPSERT, Renaming a field,
Removing a Document,
Like and Regular Expression,
Sorting, Counting, Limit, Loop - Foreach etc.
backup and restore databases in MongoDB
MongoDB relations and joins.

Node JS,
VSCode Setup,
NodeJS Installation, Package.json,
Node Modules. NodeJS Hello World,
NodeJS Module, NodeJS Processing Query String,
File Reading, File Writing,
Append a File, Delete a File,
Rename a File, NodeJS POST Form data,
The Formidable Module, File Uploading.
JS with MYSQL, MySQL Connection, CRUD.
Node With MySQL using Promises,
MongoDB usage with JS etc.

Express, Express Overview,
Installation, Basic App,
Routing, Request & Response,
Body Parser, Processing GET and POST Data,
Dynamic Routing - Passing Parameters through routes,
Middleware Functions,
Middleware order of execution,
Templating Engine, PUG,
Push Values to Template,
Template IF, Render, Include,
Static Files in Express,
Multiple Static Directories,
Template Forms, EJS Template Engine,
Mongoose to work with Express and MongoDB,
Cookies on Express,
Sessions with Express,
Login Logout System etc.

LATEST Angular Installation and Setup,
Components, Module, Command Line Interface,
Data Binding, Event Binding,
Templates, Directives, Pipes,
Routing, Services, Http Service,
Forms, Animations, Materials,
HttpModule, HttpClientModule,
Dependency Injection, RxJS,
CORS, GitHub, Heroku,
Interview Preparation, CV Preparation etc.

Testing, Deployment,
Payment Integration and SEO,
Using good project development methodologies,
testing and debugging, integrating different payment techniques using gateways,
optimization for Google search and Different Devices/Browsers.
Coding Standards and Improving coding quality.
Code optimization for improved performance,
decreased latency, increased capacity and higher ROI etc

At the End of the course, our students will be assigned customized Live projects. They will get full project guidance as well as motivation to complete the same.
Industry standard projects will be allotted to ensure highest quality individual learning. Projects will be made live so they can be accessed from anywhere. They will be certified by us as MEAN Stack Developers etc.
We have a very good placement system in place, we will prepare you for interviews, give you special interview preparation materials, prepare your CV in a way that will give you very good interview calls etc.


Our actual course price is ₹ 96000.
For this month, the discount price is
₹ 48000


The total duration is about 4 Months, With classes taken: 5 Days a week


You will receive our Certificate, which is internationally accepted & honored by MNCs. Live projects add to your experience as well.

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